Lust Edition

Shall we?

Elizabeth Gumport once proposed that “What the pretense of privacy often does is protect us from reality. It is called on to conceal the fact that there are two realities: the world as it is lived in by men, and the world of women”. So often it seems that rapture in all of its taste, bouquet, glory and moans is only put forth for the voracious consumption of a supposed ‘male’ mind.  I find this thinking highly misplaced. This segregated notion does not flow with the realities of life. The push and the pull that is alive and rushing just under the skin’s surface of each of us does not speak this truth.   The truth this ‘illicit’ reflection speaks, is pleasure, a whisper in your ear, a quicken of the pulse, the arousing sound of flesh against flesh, a narrowing of the eyes, dilation of the pupils, all of the indisputable, and yes, most beautiful things in this life. Pleasure not meant for one sex’s eyes but both, because that is what makes this mortal coil we are all a part of stir and flow. The purveyor of the exciting pleasure of leading minds to run wild; unbound and untamed, simply because you, as I, want to go there. Shall we embark?